Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Music

This game is just an extra for Utapri, and consists of all the songs from Repeat to the double fandisk set, and it’s really short so I’m gonna write a summary about it. 

Actually there’s nothing much to review about this game and there are no routes just cute moments and you can’t expect me to review very single kawaii moment, soit’s become a summary. Music is the game where they compile all the songs from Utapri and their music games for people to play. The difficulty level also increased and the system was better. Welp to unlock all the songs you have to clear every song to unlock everything. The love moments only pop up when you get A or S for the overall 3 levels. This game is something like project diva where you press the keys on the right, and press the arrow once in a while.

Well I pretty much played Project diva 2nd and f so I’m used to all the crazy pressing of keys so this wasn’t much of a big deal to me. The only songs I couldn’t clear were Mirai Chizu and Go Go Jet Coaster cuz Mirai Chizu WAS SO SLOW AND CONFUSING, and Jet Coaster had RHYTHM CHANGES o(▼皿▼メ;)oプルプル And well, if you get a C or D the guy would get mad especially Satsuki since he threatens to do something to you if you get C or D, and they get dere for you when you get S, especially in Pro mode. I remember there was a reward mode where if you clear a certain song idk how many times on a certain great you will be able to clear them, cuz I never did have to clear the reward requirement.

You can also gain Music Points and buy outfits for the guys but you like only see half of them, so there wasn’t much point. you can also get backgrounds for different characters and the nodes when you get cool and good.The romantic scenes were great except for some very DESCRIPTIVE people who couldn’t say I love you in one line. Well the stories were pretty boring for me and I couldn’t concentrate on reading them. So thats basically whats this game about and it’s pretty easy, you’ll be able to play the mini games in the main game better. That’s actually what I have to say for the game, as it was really short, but enjoyable. 


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