Hakuouki ~Zuisuroku~ Review

This is pretty much the fandisk to the first Hakuouki game. It was originally made for the PS2, and was ported to the PSP and pretty much almost every console I don’t wanna list them anymore Otomate is ridiculous. You also get to hook up with the undateble guys in the previous game like Yamazaki and Shinpachi. Well I did go about doing Sannan and Kondou but they were kinda…boring. It just a collection of Short Stories of romantic scenes in between the game. I’m just gonna briefly go through the short stories since there’s nothing much to talk about in this game. The OVA actually came from one of the stories inside her where Chizuru goes to disguise as a geiko to gather some info for the Shinsengumi.

Hjikata Toshizou (CV: Shinichiro Miki)

In Hijikata’s stories it’s overall him being extra cute as it never happens in the main game. There was one where he was drunk and stuffz and he started shouting all his life problems to Chizuru (it’s actually true he really does that according to the director) and getting her freaked out. Oh there was also the part where Hijikata was bringing Chizuru out of the red-light district in her geiko clothes, and then there was this dude who said “you need to pay for her her” and Hijikata’s like “what the fuck I’m the vice-commander of the Shinsengumi back off she’s my woman” and I was pretty much ♪♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪♪イエーイ there. There was also the scene where Chizuru walks in to Hijikata’s room and finds that he didn’t tie his hair. (ok he looked like a woman there seriously) Well they also decided to put in the part where Hijikata almost died due to the gunshot and Chizuru has to give him blood. I really praised Kazuki Yone there for that one bloody CG that was a lot of work. Well there’s finally the extra epilogue after the end of the route in the main game where they get all romantic under a sakura tree. Hijikata’s stories mostly just for showing off more of his soft side that’s pretty much it.

Okita Souji (CV: Morikubo Shoutaro)

Ok, one thing Okita stories managed to clear up was the reason why he suddenly liked Chizuru. At the beginning he was like “if you do sth I”ll kill you” but it suddenly became “l love you so much” You know what I mean. So there’s one point of time where his hair is wet and Chizuru dries it for him, worried that he might catch a cold, and he tells her he ties his hair to copy Kondou. There’s also the extremely moe one when Souji was still recovering and Chizuru feeding him his food. かわ.゚+.(´∀`*).+゚.ぃぃ They also get a sleeping scene, where they’re busy cuddling up on each other and sleeping in the forest. Finally they get one more kiss scene in addition to the main game. Well the parts in the middle (especially the feeding part) totally cleared up the whole sudden “CHIZURU I LOVE YOU” part. There was even the part in the extra omake where Chizuru feeds him watermelon in a yukata. At the extra epilogue, Souji suddenly tells Chizuru that “since, we’re living together, we should get married.” So he makes this flower crown for her and proposes to her, and they get their happy end together. Wow I was certainly much happier here with all the kawaii moe Souji scenes in this fandisk and I rlly enjoyed it.

Saitou Hajime (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Ahahaha Hajime was extremely kawaii in here as he becomes quite a dork. When Chizuru went to go and pretend to be a geiko some perv runs after her since she’s too cute, and Hajime saves. Too bad, he ends up getting all nervous since Chizuru’s that kawaii. Then he attempts to make a confession in front of the drunk perv and ends up punching him and giving him nosebleeds as he tries to confess. There’s also the scene where it starts snowing and Chizuru makes a snow rabbit for Hajme. Afterwards, in the main route, they get an extra hug scene and Chizuru even steals a kiss forom Hajime~ Well in the extra epilogue they’re living in Ezo and Hajime brings back some sake from the neighbours. Then, he attempts to propose to Chizuru to finally get married. Suddenly he starts getting all dere and starts mumbling and getting nervous again. Hajime was really adorable and when Chizuru agrees, He starts blushing and tells her that he loves her. Well what a dork Hajime. However, he’s extra adorable in the fandisk and I really like that, compared to the main game.

Toudou Heisuke (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

Heisuke’s ones were plain…..boring. Honestly, like his route, his scenes were also boring. I felt it was extremely boring and plain. At the part where Chizuru dresses up as a Geiko, he starts getting all angsty and angry over the fact that Chizuru has to do that. He complains a lot and ends up getting more drunk than before. They also get into a snowball fight with Harada and Shinpachi, which ends up with Heisuke getting hit by snowballs almost every time. Afterwards, they meet at night, and Heisuke starts getting upset about how he’s become a monster, and the moon has become a sun to him. He starts getting upset until Chizuru manages to cheer him up. What’s more, while they’re going to raid the castle together with Kazama,  the guys end up arguing a lot and they really made a good laugh out of it. In the extra epilogue, Heisuke and Chizuru are in the forest having fun when Heisuke tells her to close her eyes. He ends up putting a clip on her hair, and tells her that he bought it during the war and he hadn’t given it to her. They actually get all kawaii here but I got bored and stopped paying attention there so I forgot what happened.

Harada Sanosuke (CV: Yusa Kouji)

Sano’s extra scenes were great, with him telling Chizuru that her lipstick’s messed up, and he fixes it for her. He also brings Chizuru to have some girl time together with Senhime and just watches over them. What a great bro. Another point of time was when Sannan was busy pestering Chizuru to help out in his “experiments” and there’s Sano there telling him to back off from her. They also get more romantic moments (which I think the main game had enough), and a good kiss scene. In the festival omake Sano takes Chizuru to go to see fireflies she’s upset over that fact that Saitou and Heisuke weren’t with them. In the extra epilogue, Chizuru has a cold, and Sano asks what the doctor said after she went to consult one. Instead of a cold, she’s actually pregnant ( ´∀`) Sano gets all freaked out and such, and ends up asking “is the kid mine?” (It’s obviously yours, baka.) Chizuru assures him that it’s his and they hold hands tightly by the beach.

Kazama Chikage (CV: Tsuda Kenjiro)

I wasn’t bored, neither I was that impressed either. But one thing’s for sure: I didn’t pay attention to some points. There’s the scene where he attempts to attack Chizuru while she’s a geiko but well he’s civilised, so it never happens. There’s also the scene where it’s some quiet parts while he talks about some oni stuffz. They also go and visit the place where the Yukimura village used to be, and sth solemn happens. Ok there’s also the part where they’re rushing to get a boat to Ezo so Kazama goes out and finds a boat while Chizuru sits at an inn and become all waifu-ish. Obviously Kazama is all that pleased with that and they get into an argument. Either way in the extra epilogue, 5 months pass and Chizuru is at her house, and has become a doctor. Suddenly Kazama drops by and says “I came to pick you up since you didn’t want to come to my place.” With that, he directly glomps Chizuru and they kiss again. ♪d(´▽`)b♪オールオッケィ♪

Yamazaki Susumu & Sannan Keisuke

The Yamazaki scenes are kawaii while the Sannan scenes were gross. There’s the scene where Yamazaki pretends to be Chizuru’s ninja, and uses a floor mat to whack the shit out of the drunk perv. Wow he was really badass here and it was kawaii. Yamazaki and Chizuru then go and clean Okita’s room for hygiene reasons, and finds really….interesting things there. He also tells Chizuru about his medical book and tells her that if one day he is gone, she has to take over his job in curing ppl. There’s also the part where they’re at the Fushimi office and Yamazaki’s like WTF WHY R U STILL HERE GO TO OSAKA NOW. Chizuru then holds his hand and tells him that she’ll be safe there. Yamazaki also promises her that he won’t die and he’ll come back safely. The Sannan ones were gross with him trying to get all flirting with Chizuru which I didn’t pay attention to, but they were gross, that’s a thing.

 Nagakura Shinpachi & Kondou Isami

Shinpachi becomes really cool and cute here, with him falling asleep in Chizuru’s room, and he’s like “Shit I fell asleep.” There’s also the scene where he’s training under a sakura, which rlly made him cool (;≧∇≦) =3 ホッ There’s also the scene where they make a promise with their pinkies, ad promises to live through the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. Kondou’s ones were boring which him teaching Chizuru some swordfighting skillz and some of his back stories (which is more important later on, not here), which were pretty boring.

~Final Thoughts~

Okay I really fel this game was really short, and good thing it’s a fandisk, so I didn’t need to put so much effort into it. However, I felt that the Sannan and Kondou scenes were kinda pointless? I’m not exaclty sure if there’s anyone who likes them, but it was kinda…useless. Good thing I downloaded this one, and didn’t go and blow my cash on it as this isn’t worth the buy honestly. This fandisk was rather shitty at some points so I didn’t really pay attention that much so don’t blow your cash on it, and don’t waste your memory card space with this game.


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