Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Repeat

Basically, this is the remake of the first Uta no Prince-sama. They released their first game earlier, but the art and sprites were really crappy and it still got popular. So Broccoli realised their mistake and they decided to remake all the art in this game *sighs* Ok I have a major game addict problem which only wants myself to get the Maji love ends and I don’t really care much about the other ends so I’m a really bad reviewer I’m gomen r( ̄_ ̄;)スマンスマン I’ll try to get the Love ends but my backlog is too much so I’m gonna do it when I have the time.

Ittoki Otoya (CV: Terashima Takuma)

Otoya’s the cute boy who’s really immature and stuff. He’s really adorable at certain points but I really think his character was a bit too plain. He’s like the genki character in anime but turns out he’s actually an orphan who lost his parents when he didn’t even know them properly yet. He started out as good friend with Haruka and it slowly developed into a deep relationship. Apparently he’s scared of heights when he was up on the Ferris Wheel with Haruka. Soon he begins to have feelings for her instead of friendship he starts to get all cute with her. Also he shows a very big rivalry with Tokiya and was desperately trying to beat Tokiya that hard. Tokiya was quite a bitch in this one and getting all proud and stuff (let’s not get into that thank you). Welp after the school festival they were hiding behind the curtains and almost kissed and a romantic scene happens. Soon Otoya becomes a big love tank for Haruka and he’s like all over her. He doesn’t even let a single guy touch her. Well Saotome finds out about the fact that they were dating and warns them from not doing. Sadly Otoya’s like “lol nope I wanna date her” and he continues to oppose him. He even announced their relationship to the school during the Christmas party and Saotome gets reeeaaally angry. Then they ran off to the courtyard and Otoya’s confesses all his feelings to Haruka there.

So Saotome decides to give them a chance, and they are allowed to date if Otoya wins the graduation audition. Otoya also needs to take his crazy idol training course and Haruka has to take the super composing course (which only consists of her composing music all the way rofl) and they aren’t allowed to see each other. Somehow one day Saotome decides to let her see Otoya and apparently he is required to climb up the school wall without any harness as training??? Well obviously Otoya does anything for love and he doesn’t give up, even if he’ss battered up. I mean, while climbing, there were rocks falling on him (i don’t even know how that happens anymore) Haruka then decides to go up to the roof to encourage him and he finally climbs up to the roof. He gets really clingy and drags her off Song Station when she was talking to HAYATO.

Otoya’s pretty much blasting all his love for Haruka and when they were composing music together and once Haruka finished playing, he’s like “caught you.” They get all cute after that. So at the Graduation audition, Otoya starts saying on how much he loves Haruka and he doesn’t mind breaking any rules for her, and the song starts. At the ending Saotome admits that he was once in love with a woman but he had to break up with her in order to continue his career in the Idol world. Well apparently she died 15 years ago. I’m pretty convinced Saotome is Otoya’s dad I mean Saotome’s girlfriend shares the same name as Otoya’s mom. Otoya wins the graduation audition and Saotome lets them date.

Hijirikawa Masato (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)

Masato’s the rich boy who has been living a restricted and sad life under his dad since he has to take over the Hijirikawa business someday. He’s one of the characters who didn’t really make an impression on me in the anime, but I was madly in love with him after his route, due to how adorable and cute he was. He even has a kawaii younger sister who’s like indirectly his support and the light of his life. Apparently he first met Haruka on a snowy day, when he got pissed off by his dad and ran away from home, singing at an orphanage, and that gave him the strength to stand up against his dad. Well they have more cute moments like when they went to the amusement park with his younger sis and he’s like,”you have to call me Masato, not Hijirikawa”. They go home holding hands and they get more cute. Btw Ren’s a big cockblocker in this one and he’s always, “lady, spend time with me” and I was like BACK OFF REN. Oh god that was annoying. So during the health check Saotome told Masato he needs more milk but he hates milk so Haruka told him to drink it with Saotome’s super melonpan and he has like this MASSIVE growth spurt. Then his jii decides to buy more for him in order to grow and then Ren’s butler also finds out and they start fighting over the stocks and they even brought in their armies and stuff ヽ(ー_ー )ノ . They pretty much destroyed the whole school welp they paid for the repairs.

Masato and Haruka decide to do a play for the school festival and you know what? It’s Romeo and Juliet. So during the play Masato pretty much loses himself and starts blurting out all his feelings for Haruka while his dad’s watching the play. He almost kisses her but welp, Saotome booms with his warning there and that ends it. So apparently it’s said that Masato has fiancee and Haruka’s all depressed when Jii tells her that she had to practice alone for a while. Well she goes to his room to find him but horny Ren just had to force her down onto the bed and Masato walks in. He’s at his jealousy limit and walks off so Haruka chases him and asks Ren to GTFO (that’s what I think it was) Yep Masato’s jealousy limit was at the peak and when she gets to the classroom he presses her on a wall and pulls her ribbon hard, and he’s all “Ren can do this, why can’t I.” So this drags on to the Christmas party welp she wanted to dance with him, but oh well, he still refuses. Well soon she’s so upset that she runs off from the Christmas party and FINALLY he gives in and confesses her about everything. In actually fact he’s been in love with Haruka since that snowy day ( ´∀`)

So they keep their kawaii relationship and concentrate on the graduation audition. Idk why but his dad comes to the school and rages for Masato to go back home but yeah, Saotome’s like “why are you ignoring me” and gets his men to drag the raging guy away. More shit happens when Masato’s grandad passes away and he’s away from the academy for A VERY LONG TIME. Welp he makes it in time for the rehearsal and the actual performance and his song was wonderful. At the end his dad agrees to let him be an idol and well and Saotome agrees to let them date in secret. In the Maji love end, they get their own personal time to make out have fun (´ェ`*)ネー . I personally enjoyed this route thanks to Masato’s sincere attitude and the cute moments. He turned into my favourite guy right after this route on how determined he was and how much he loved Haruka. This was really one of the better routes they had in this game.

Shinomiya Natsuki (CV: Taniyama Kishou)

Natsuki has a double personality syndrome which turns him into a scary guy when his glasses are taken off. He’s a kawaii and soft dude who loves animals and is extremely huggable but when his glasses are taken off he turns scary. So apparently in his route Ringo doesn’t use luck to decide their partners and Natsuki just picks Haruka. Then in May or sth Saotome gives Natsuki idol training and he grabs Haruka and jumps out of the window, tells him that he has to get Haruka back by fighting him. When Natsuki was fighting Saotome his glasses fell off. Well in the game they exaggerate it with the clouds turning dark and more shit happens. So somehow they manage to get the glasses back on and he starts hugging Haruka and getting all cute. So they introduce Syo as Natsuki’s roommate, and Syo explains that Natsuki was a genius at the Violin but one day he just quit for some reason. Natsuki invites Haruka to a picnic in the forest with his cooking ad well HARUKA KNOCKS OUT BECAUSE OF HIM. Well the shit continues as he admits that he quit violin cuz people were saying his work was half-assed and he decided to become a singer.

During the school festival, Natsuki brings Haruka to the rooftop to see the fireworks and to confess his feelings as well. Well crazy Saotome decides to shoot some “No Love Allowed” fireworks while Natsuki was about to confess but yeah, Haruka’s dumbness goes higher here and she’s like “we can’t do this” so Satsuki comes out. He presses her on the fence and they make out there Σ(゚∀゚*). Well about that, apparently Satsuki only comes out when Natsuki gets weak and loses confidence. Well what Haruka said probably upset him a lot and he ran away “mentally” I guess. Satsuki immediately declares that Natsuki is never gonna come back again. Good thing Haruka manages to run off from him but Satsuki’s forever there whether the glasses are on or not. Syo gets extremely freaked out by him since Satsuki’s like a walking hell so he begs to stay in Tokiya and Otoya’s room. Okay they tried getting the glasses and turning him back but yeah, Syo got attacked by Satsuki and he barely makes it out.

Soon Satsuki asks Haruka to practice with her, and she agrees, when she’s actually afraid of him. He gets irritated by her every time and also starts interrogating her about why she rejected Natsuki’s feelings. They were in the recording room one day and he got so irritated by Haruka that he pushes her down on the floor and pulls her ribbon, asking about why she rejected Natsuki’s feelings. Good thing Ringo-sensei came by and rescued her and seeing them in that position. Haruka decides to say that it was an accident to not hurt Natsuki. She tells Satsuki that she rejected Natsuki’s feelings that day because of the no love rule and she wants Natsuki to be successful in his career. For that moment Natsuki did come back for a while and promised to go to the Christmas party with her. Sadly during the Christmas party Satsuki tells Haruka that Natsuki isn’t coming since he got unconfident about his feelings again. Well she’s all upset and starts crying when it hits 12 o’clock, and she was planning to go back to her room when Natsuki finally appears. He throws out all his feelings for her and apologises extremely hard for running away and tells her he loves her ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ” .

They decide to make more shit happen when Natsuki gets unconfident about their song since they didn’t practise much together so Satsuki comes out again, and starts scolding Haruka about this. Well it turns out that Natsuki used to have a violin teacher who praised him a lot and taught him very well, and told him that he could come to her anytime. Well Natsuki passed her a song he composed by him one day and she ended up stealing that song to improve her own career. Satsuki was then created from all the sadness and anger Natsuki had at that time, and his name was the name of the song Natsuki wrote.  Satsuki meant to protect Natsuki from everyone since he couldn’t trust anyone anymore, but soon he also falls in love in Haruka too. He trusts that she can protect Natsuki, so he leaves forever. So we get this extremely sad scene where both of them start crying and hugging. So when it was time for him to go, he made Haruka promise not to forget him. Well so they win the graduation audition together and Saotome lets them date since Natsuki needs love, or he might go crazy again. In the Maji Love ending, the both of them are cooking in Natsuki’s room and he wants Haruka to try out the food. Suddenly he turns into Wild Natsuki (or Satsuki) and says “I wanna eat you up” I was all (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ there due to wild Natsuki. I also enjoyed this due to Wild Natsuki/Satsuki coming and and giving me all the feels and making me super excited. Natsuki didn’t make an impression to me at all due to him being too soft and for Syo’s jokes but he was great here. I’m glad I played this route cuz I thoroughly enjoyed it, with all the crazy parts.

Ichinose Tokiya (CV: Miyano Mamoru)

He’s the cool and calm character and a little tsun along the lines. The reason why Haruka enrolled here at the academy was too compose songs for her idol HAYATO. He’s extremely determined to be a singer so he tells her not to drag him down. So Tokiya happens to look like HAYATO and claims that he’s HAYATO’s twin younger brother. So for some reason Saotome bursts into the classroom and pairs both of them up because it’s his orders. They get to the sports festival where they compete to do weird things idk what are they even doing in the first place. Well soon Haruka gets depressed due to some bitching girls bitching about Tokiya (I don’t remember what they were saying in the first place), and Haruka goes and hides inside the broom closet. At the same time this locks herself in there, since it was a trap set by the bitchy girls. Well Tokiya comes to rescue her but yeah, they get locked up together since the door can only be opened from the outside. They then start practicing their song while waiting for someone to rescue them. Soon, Saotome jumps through the ceiling and things start collapsing on Haruka due to the impact and Tokiya rushes to protect her from a bookshelf falling on her. How he survived that, idk why or how.

We all know Tokiya is HAYATO, so he dresses up as HAYATO to test her loyalty towards Tokiya. Well he’s pretty cute in those scenes especially when he pops by the school to see her. But you know, he obviously can’t keep up his schedule of being Tokiya and HAYATO at the same time, he falls sick. Haruka has to take care of him now and he uses her as his nice and comfy body pillow while he was recovering, and sleeps with her all night゜*。(*´Д`)。*° Soon it’s Saotome’s crazy idol training AGAIN and this time he chains Haruka to some cross and says that Tokiya has to save her if not the bomb below her would blow up. He has to defeat Saotome in order to get her out so he fights like throughout the whole night until the limit and the bomb blows. Turns out the bomb was wired to the principal’s office and it’s all busted, and Haruka’s safe. Saotome really got me shocked for a moment there (ノД`)ハァ The school festival goes along with Tokiya promising Haruka that they’ll perform together but however due to HAYATO work, Tokiya doesn’t show up and she has to play alone. He finally appears later after the festival and tells her that he is HAYATO. Tokiya is about to spill the beans about him liking Haruka when Ryuya comes in and spoils the party haha.

Well this moves along to the Christmas party and oh well, Haruka doesn’t know how to dance. Tokiya decides to teach her and welp she falls almost every time till she gets it. Haruka goes to the party with Tokiya and after the party he confesses all his feelings to her, and tells her he’s going to choose his career over love, and once it strikes midnight he’ll no longer love Haruka. He even offers to separate with Haruka for her sake but, she literally dealt with it. When it hit midnight, Tokiya leaves her and she starts to cry. Well the good thing about Haruka is that she isn’t that idiotic in this one and she still wants to compose music for Tokiya to express her love for him. Tokiya turns back into the cold guy and becomes too formal like the beginning oh well. So Haruka gets back to composing the song. Then Otoya jumps by and asks to sing Tokiya’s song. Idk why she even allowed him to do that then Tokiya comes in and he’s all jealous and he starts saying how Haruka’s songs isn’t up to his standard and she works all day and not keeping herself healthy in order to compose Tokiya’s song. Soon Tokiya’s heart melts due to seeing his girlfriend suffering for him and also due to seeing her crying, he tells her not to overwork himself. He then continues this with a kiss to stop her from apologising, he’s just not honest with himself *sighs* tokiya…. Tokiya then tells her about how he’s sick of being HAYATO since it’s a fake persona of him, and he’s just destroying his own feelings if he continues being HAYATO. He also ruins Song Station one day as he tells the viewers that he’s Ichinose Tokiya, HAYATO’s fake, and he doesn’t want to play HAYATO anymore. He then grabs Haruka and goes “fuck this shit im going home” and runs off.

In the end Tokiya had to apologise to his previous agency for his shameful act and stuffs. Saotome wanted to expel them but yeah, he decided to give them a chance to win the Graduation audition. Tokiya finally puts an end to all to his HAYATO shit and they win the graduation audition together. At the ending Saotome finds out about their relationship but lets them date cuz if Haruka isn’t there, Tokiya is going to lose his way again but they have to hide it though. In the Maji Love ending, they were at Tokiya’s place looking at the stars but apparently Haruka falls and she’s caught by him. So he decided to take the chance to give some excuse for Haruka to stay over but it’s just for them to make out at his place. So he just bridal carries her into his room and you know what *:゜☆ヽ(*’∀’*)/☆゜:。*。 This route was really great okay I wasn’t really expecting much from this route too since I wasn’t interested in Tokiya from the beginning, but oh well, it changed my opinion of him. Sadly I still couldn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the other routes, but I’m happy I played his before making any assumptions.

Jinguji Ren (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

Ren’s like the manwhore in this one and idk who’s actually cockblocking them I think it’s Ren himself?? Hey half the time I was getting mad over Ren for not actually doing anything special at the beginning I was pretty bored and raging over his whore side and his flirting with the girls idk why I even enjoyed this one anymore. So he directly claims that he doesn’t like music and he was forced into this academy by his family to be his family’s poster boy. Well the worst part Haruka fainted in class due to a massive headache and he directly decides that she’s his partner well great move Ren. More bad news, he says that Haruka’s music stinks so he’s like let’s practise separately and he goes off flirting with girls in the school. Well of course Haruka has a thing or two for him and decides to work hard on making his song. Hey if I were her I would have already dropped him as my partner. And better, he’s jealous that Masato gets the family business and shit while he’s like useless there. (Well hey Masato has a lot of shit on his shoulders) Well there were doing the intro of the school and their butlers started setting traps for them and Haruka is a baka here again and falls into a trap made by George and Ren has to save her.

Saotome then decides that Ren and Masato need to bond and whatever, and ties Haruka to a Spaceship whatever it was and chains the both of them together, and they have to press the button on each side to stop the thing from blasting off but too bad, the chains too short. They butlers try whatever cutters they have to cut the chain but yeah they can’t cut it. Ren tells Masato to cut his hand off so that he can save Haruka. Well they didn’t make it in time but yeah, the thing didn’t take off and Saotome says he felt love, so he admits defeat. Haruka collapses into Ren’s arms due to the trauma and cries there. They soon start practicing together and talk about Ren’s life. Ren’s like the third child of his family and his mom died soon after he was born, so a lot of people started to discriminate him and not care about him. His dad also didn’t care much about him so he pretty much lived a life without love from his parents, and his brothers didn’t care much about him too sadly. One day Haruka spots him one day kissing one of the bitches and she runs off upset. Welp so they end up separately practicing again and George tells Haruka that he wants Ren to grow up and he came to this school since he dropped out of high school and he believes that Haruka can change him. Another reason why he came to this school is cuz his brothers didn’t want him to rot away and he had talent in singing, but welp too bad Ren didn’t understand that. Haruka decides to tell him that if he’s lonely or upset he can come to her but he just shrugs it off and says he’s fine.

So for reason Ren’s bro hears Haruka’s song and asks here if she wants to work for the Jinguji company and go to America to refine her composing skills and work for them after that. Haruka agrees and Ren starts ignoring her and shuts himself off from her cuz of jealousy I guess. He decides to cover it up by encouraging her to go to America. I mean if he liked her he should have stopped her from going to America (ಠ_ಠ)So Haruka completes his song right before the Christmas Party for him to sing. On the day of the party, Ren invites her to go with him but instead of going to the party hall they go to a private place (´∀`).☆.。.:*・ So over there Ren presents Haruka a big feast cuz it’s her last night in Japan before she goes to America. Ren actually cooked the whole thing for her instead of using his wealth to buy the food. Well the cake was crappy but still he’s a great guy. They dance at the school auditorium to not let the bitches find them and he even gives her a necklace he made herself. Soon Haruka tells Ren it was his bro who recommended her to go to America but he’s like WTF NO YOU’RE STAYING. Oh well so Haruka decides to stay and she apologises to Saotome and Ren’s bro for not going overseas.

So they get more fluff moments but Ren doesn’t want to accept Haruka’s feelings and gets her upset once in a while. (at least he isn’t hanging out with his whores anymore) Ren’s bro then wants her to make some BGM for a new ad they have and she ends up working herself off and well she complains to Ren, saying that its suffering but he only encourages her and shakes it off. Well Haruka ends up working too hard and falling sick, missing the deadline, and Ren comes by her room to feed her porridge that he made by himself and tells her not to overwork. He also settles the BGM problem by dumping their song in his bro’s face for the ad. In the Maji Love ending, they win the Graduation audition and Haruka explodes in feelings after Ren sings the song and realises that he loves her a lot. She runs off when Ren walks towards her. Well Ren finds her and all the frustrations get off him and he confesses to Haruka on how much he loves her and hugs her. He tells her that he was in love with her since August and he was holding back his feelings due to Saotome’s no love rule. Saotome comes in to cockblock but yeah, he doesn’t fire them cuz their song was great and he can’t fire them for such a reason. Ren explodes more due to his sexual frustrations and brings Haruka to his room and they screw there while making great memories ・.。*・.。*(〃´∀`)・.。*・.。*ポワワァン…

Kurusu Syo (CV: Shimono Hiro)

He’s the genki shouta who’s extremely hyper and kawaii, plus immature. Syo didn’t make an impression on me during the anime and I found him pretty annoying at first with his crazy shouting and weird things. Well Syo has an obsession with people calling him “prince” due to his favourite TV show and he wanted people to be his servants so they made Haruka very dumb here ad she said “Yes!” At first she got dumb and still called him “Ouji-sama” until they reached around May to June and she started calling him “Syo-kun” Well Saotome wanted him to do the school introduction thing and he ends up playing the violin in the recording room with water flowing everywhere. So after the pool crossdressing incident, Saotome, seeing Syo’s talents he ends up asking Syo to debut as a Trap Idol, due to his cuteness. He starts working as a trap but he gets lonely and decides to stop being a Trap idol and debut as a male idol. Soon he starts telling her about how he likes the show “Fighting Prince” with Hyuga Ryuya as the main star and that he likes Hyuga-sensei a lot. Well he also tells her he used to play the violin but he saw that Natsuki was a genius so he decided to quit. And the last thing we find out from the game is that he has a kawaii twin brother!! (●>ω<●)

So Syo’s brother, Kaoru, has a brother complex, so he loves Syo a lot and they hug each other so cutely when he first appears!! Kaoru calls Syo ” syo-chan” and they love each other a lot. Sadly, Kaoru is much stronger due to his heart, and he’s extremely upset by it. Well since they were twins Kaoru stole his energy so Syo had a big heart condition, and spent much of his childhood in the hospital. Kaoru wants to cure his brother by studying medicine. He was only meant to survive until 12, but he survived till now. Kaoru finds out Syo is working himself off and he’s getting attacks very easily, and wants him to leave Saotome Gakuen. Well he also wants him to break up with Haruka and so they decided to act in front of him pretending they are in love, and they don’t wanna break up. Actually Kaoru doesn’t want Syo to date anyone cuz the doki doki feels puts stress on his heart, and makes it worse for him. Actually Saotome’s craziness escalates a lot in this route where he asks Syo to go steal Natsuki’s glasses while he goes steals the Statue of Liberty WTF I mean thats extremely ridiculous even for idol training.

They decide to do a dance for the School Festival and Syo works himself off and his heart hurts again, and Kaoru wants him to go home or else he’ll stay at Saotome Gakuen until Syo goes home with him. Soon they manage to shake him off and well they get their fun time during the Christmas Party. It was kinda one of the most boring Christmas Party scenes and I didn’t pay much attention. Well in January Natsuki decides that they should go swimming and baka Haruka falls into the pool and Syo has to save her. He ends up doing CPR for her and that puts more stress on his heart and he collapses. Syo soon gets back up again and Saotome asks him to go for an operation for his heart in America. He flies there for a week for the examination and he comes back telling Haruka that the operation has a 50% chance of success. So they decide to let Syo go for it. Then Haruka catches him at the courtyard running but his condition got worse and he collapses into Haruka’s arms due to too much stress on his heart, and he starts saying that he’s so useless and he can’t do anything anymore 。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。うわぁぁぁぁん I was really upset for Syo here and I was crying so hard. So they win the graduation and Syo goes to America for the operation. In the Maji Love ending, Syo was in America for 3 months without contact (lol how could he do that that was mean) and no news, and he calls Haruka that he’s coming back. So they meet at the airport and Syo kisses her and both of them start blushing really cutely. Syo had a crazy story and funny voice and his story really grew onto me and I really love him blushing a lot (⌒_⌒)

Aijima Cecil (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Cecil….was the least expected guy I thought Toirumi Kousuke could voice since Cecil’s extremely innocent. He’s the prince of some foreign country named Agnapolis. Apparently that country likes music a lot and it’s godly to them. They also have these muses which rule over them and protect or sth. So…to put it simply it’s just a man-kuppuru route. Hey, Idk why Haruka even named a black cat that oh god. Oh and I found out the cat noises were made by TORIUMI KOUSUKE HIMSELF.(ಠ_ಠ)I was pretty much disturbed after I found out that why couldn’t just use a cat sound effect???? I was busy thinking the route was made up of scrapped ideas from all the other guys routes. So in this story Haruka is supposed to partner Tomochika but she ends up leaving due to reasons and leaves the school leaving Haruka alone. So apparently Saotome decides to summon SATAN for some reason and they have to seal him off. Saotome gets possessed by Satan and takes over the whole school. So for some reason Ryuya-sensei is okay because of some charm he has from his granddad and he teaches you here for some reason. Ehhh so in this route Cecil’s pretty much a cat half the time and he makes a contract with Haruka so that she can hear his thoughts although he’s in cat form. And the only way for Cecil to turn back into human is for Haruka to kiss him but Haruka doesn’t want to (don’t even ask me why anymore) and he always drains his energy to save Haruka’s sorry ass.

So they have to find the 7 music scores to make some song to seal off Satan and all the Uta Princes get brainwashed by him like a crazy Otoya, Tokiya who wants to steal her heart, Sexual Harrasser Masato, Ren with a Harem, split Natsuki and Satsuki, and 5 year old memory Syo??? This pretty much made me laugh and get pissed off at the same time. So they save them and get the music scores from their hearts. She rejects all of Cecil’s feelings and Cecil gets jealous there due to her being nice to all the other boys. Haruka accidentally lets Cecil hug her since she didn’t realise he turned into human while sleeping.O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Oh well Cecil gets extremely tired and turns back into a cat. Even worse, possessed Ringo gets all manly and kisses Haruka on the cheek breaking the contract, and Haruka can only hear his meows. So anyways Haruka continues composing the song and it somehow managed to break Cecil’s curse! Well Cecil then hugs Haruka and they go and defeat Satan. They manage to seal satan for a period of time and Cecil says that he needs to go back to Agnapolis to make a contract with the muses to fully seal satan, and he can’t get lovey-dovey with Haruka anymore. But for some reason Saotome gets obsessed with Cecil and forces him to stay in the school, since the airport of Agnapolis was closed.

So they stay in the school and finish the song. In March, the agents from Agnapolis come to the school and try to catch Cecil since he was on TV (he randomly stood on the stage when they were at Song Station) but they made it to the Graduation Audition and they win it. Saotome then wants him to work at his agency but Cecil has to leave. In the Maji Love ending, he confesses all his feelings to Haruka and kisses her, and apparently she became a muse??? Well the agents from Agnapolis saw that she was a muse and starts saying how holy she was. Welp she gets flown off to Agnapolis to make music for the country and get prayed on I think, and Cecil is her guardian prince. Well she’s like working so much everyday but she gets to have private and fun time with Cecil when she’s taking a break ヽ(・∀・)ノ ワチョーイ♪ I felt that this route was extremely plain and Cecil was extremely weird when he was talking random languages. AND THE CAT SOUNDS NO THANK YOU I DON’T WANT THEM ANYMORE. I only liked him a little more, so this was rather boring and only some parts were amusing.

~Final Thoughts~

I love the A Class boys so here’s a free CG~

I felt that this game was pretty good except for certain routes, and gave me more insight on the guys, and made me like some of them more.  But weirdly, this game made me want otome games with mini games and I get bored with the normal ones. Well At first I didn’t get the games fully like the quizzes and the music game, and I didn’t get the Maji Love end for Masato. But after playing Music I managed to get a better insight on the games and me starting to learn more Japanese I could get S-ranks and A-ranks for all the games, and also thanks to me learning music for about 8 years. Well the crossdressing parts were the greatest, and if you ask about my favourite guy, it would be Masato, then Ren followed by Natsuki behind. I went and checked but only a few guys got kiss scenes??? Well  I was pretty unhappy with some of the routes and some were HOT. Well I’m currently working on the fandisks and gonna have to deal with the old sprites. System wise it wa pretty great and I don’t have any bad comments at all. So this concludes my Utapri Repeat Review, and I’ll probably get the MUSIC one done.


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    Even I already finish this game, I want to play it once again after reading your review… yay~
    Hm… I like how your summarizing all of them because I rarely found reviews without author rage when do certain route 😦 Only two-three blog I’d found with neutral reviews. But, I still read other because I love reading people’s thought hehe.
    I’m major, addicted, maniac (hm…what will I list more….) fan of Tokiya 😀 I didn’t like Hayato much but I love Tokiya >w_///</ Shake it yeah~ w0/))

    1. Shuu Post author

      well i dont understand why would people even rage over this game it’s the first one! I mean, compared to the other fandisks, this was quite good!. I’m a crazy masato fan. Tbh at first when I watched the anime I didnt really care about Masato at all (first impression bias: toki and ren!! xD) but the game made me like him a lot!. repeat is a lot better compared to the anime in lots of ways.

      1. kyuuichii

        You’re right, Masato story is good compared to anime. Yeah, this game is the best. The anime really disappointing but the game will always make me feel better.

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